Why Do Bed Bugs Live on Mattresses?

There is a good reason for homeowners to keep an eye out for bed bugs on mattresses, as these tiny brown insects feed on human blood. They come out at night looking for meals, attracted by the body heat, odour, and the carbon dioxide exhaled by people when sleeping. Since these pests prefer to live close to where they can easily find a blood meal, mattresses make the perfect hiding place. The small, flat shape of bed bugs allows them to work their way into seams and holes where they remain out of sight until it is time for feeding.

Problems Caused by Bed Bugs

Bites from bed bugs can cause skin irritation in hypersensitive individuals in the form of red itchy welts. This can often be one of the first clues that a home is infested, since many people tend not to notice a tiny bed bug on the mattress. Reactions to bed bug bites can be instant or it can take several hours to days before it manifests. Reactions vary from individual to individual and it is not a reliable way of diagnosing bed bug infestations. When bed bugs feed, they leave behind tiny drops of blood on bedding and sheets giving the characteristic brown or rusty spots on the bedding or cloths; which can be sign of an infestation. Hiding sites of bed bugs on mattresses are further soiled by the mascara-like streaks of the pests’ feces. These marks can also be found on nearby walls and baseboards.

Control Bed Bugs on Mattresses

Bed bugs are often, incorrectly associated with uncleanliness, causing some people to worry and blame themselves when infestations occur. In truth, bed bug infestations can strike anywhere and spread easily by hitchhiking on clothing and luggage. “Do It Yourself” (DIY) methods or home remedies for getting rid of bed bug infestations in homes often do not work because bed bug control requires comprehensive and phased treatments. Therefore, the best way to control infestations is to call the bed bug experts at Orkin Canada.