What Bat Bites Look Like

Due to literary comparisons between bats and vampires, some people expect a bat bite to resemble fang marks. In truth, bat teeth are so sharp and so tiny, they might not leave any mark at all. If they do, it will more closely resemble a pin prick. It is uncommon for a full set of puncture marks to accompany a bite.

Why Bats Bite People

Bats may bare their teeth and squeak loudly, leading many people to believe they are vicious. In reality, the bat is usually trying to scare away a predator. It is extremely rare for a bat to attack a human unprovoked. Nevertheless, If sleeping bats are disturbed, they might bite instinctively. If they fly too close to a person and are swatted away, they may bite in retaliation. There have also been instances of the pests getting into rooms at night and being surprised by unsuspecting people, resulting in bat bites and scratches.

What to Do if Bitten

With the risk of contracting rabies a pressing one, anyone who is suffering from a bat bite should seek immediate medical attention. First, wash the affected area with soap and water to flush away as much bacteria as possible. Rabies is entirely preventable with proper medical treatment. To avoid being bitten altogether, homeowners should contact the professionals at Orkin as soon as bats are found on their property.