Worried about bats taking a bite out of the Halloween festivities this fall? Even though bats are often associated with this spooky season, you don’t want to see any live ones around your property. To fend off bats, the best course of action is to identify potential nursery locations and prevent these pests from roosting.

Where to Find Bats

Bats often get into buildings through unscreened vents and gaps around the exterior. These pests will settle into their winter homes before searching for their next colony site in early spring. Common roosting sites include:

  • Attics. Because many bats are nocturnal, attics are the ideal spot for bats to take refuge in during the day. They can cling to walls, ceilings and beams inside attic spaces.
  • Wall voids. Some bats tend to roost in small crevices. For these bats, wall voids offer the protection and seclusion they need to survive.
  • Roof eaves and sheltered areas. Structures sheltered from the sun with access to the outdoors are prime locations for bat nurseries.

Addressing a Bat Population

A bat population isn’t just a nuisance to your property. Bats can also carry mites into your building and leave behind droppings that contain harmful fungal spores. So, catching a bat problem early on is essential. But before you implement a bat control program, there are a few key pieces of information to consider:

  • Bat removal should not occur between May and mid-August, when young may still be in the roost.
  • Bats are a protected species, so it’s best to leave removal to the professionals. Check with your local Orkin Canada branch to learn about when and how bat removal can occur.

To help avoid bat problems, first inspect your property to ensure no bats are already inside. Then, implement these maintenance strategies to seal bats out:

  • Seal all gaps in siding.
  • Close attic windows at all times so the bats can’t fly inside.
  • Install screening over chimneys and over vents.

Costumes from trick-or-treaters should be the scariest thing around your building this Halloween – not bats. Call Orkin Canada today to learn how to safely prevent bats from hanging around your property.