As days get shorter and temperatures drop, you may also notice an increase in pest activity. We aren’t the only ones looking for relief from the cold – pests like rodents, stink bugs, cluster flies and spiders are looking for a warm place with readily available food or to overwinter. Check out these five tips to help keep pests from crawling around your property and disturbing tenants this winter.

Involve Your Staff

Your staff is the first line of defense against pests, so encourage them to monitor for and report any signs of pest problems. Often at no extra cost, your pest management company can provide staff training sessions on which pests to look for and what conditions attract them.

Identify Pest Attractants

Unfortunately, your property offers everything pests need for survival – food, water and shelter. They’ll try anything to get inside and stay inside, so you should know which areas attract them most and monitor closely. The most common places – or “hot spots” – for pests include common areas, dumpsters and trash cans, storage rooms and behind large pieces of equipment and furniture.

Reinforce The Perimeter

The biggest pest threats often start outdoors.

    1. Inspect the perimeter of building structures for potential entry points and ask your maintenance crew to seal up holes with a water-proof sealant. They also should use copper or steel wool for an extra layer of protection.
    2. Pests can use vegetation as staging and feeding sites, so maintain landscaping, especially around entrances.
    3. Keep plants and trees trimmed away from your building and remove leaves quickly so pests cannot use them for cover.
    4. Consider installing a gravel strip around your exterior as rodents typically avoid being out in the open.

Strengthen Sanitation Routines

The key to keeping pests from entering your building is removing incentives for them to come inside.

    1. Reduce food sources by (1) cleaning crumbs and spills left in common areas and (2) eliminating any bird feed available on balconies.
    2. Seal garbage cans tightly, remove trash regularly and don’t forget to sanitize and de-clutter trash handling areas. • Eliminate sources of moisture in and around your property. This includes leaky HVAC units, standing water and even overflowing ice machines.
    3. Winter is also a great time to create a written sanitation plan detailing specific roles and routines.
    4. Keep your residents informed about ongoing pest management efforts and how they can contribute.

Partner With An Expert

By following these steps, your property can enjoy the winter season without worrying about unwanted visitors like rodents, cockroaches and spiders. Talk with your pest management professional about these tips and other actions you can take to protect your property and tenants from seasonal pests in your area.

Download and save a printable version of 5 Ways to Leave Pests Out in the Cold This Winter here.


Top 5 tips to protect your home during the winter