To some, fruit flies are probably the most headache inducing pest to deal with. What these flies lack in stinging or biting power, they more than make up for in being a consistent nuisance in your home or business. Using our industry knowledge and expertise, we have put together five easy tips to keep fruit flies out of your kitchen.

What Are Fruit Flies Attracted To

Fruit flies are attracted to sugary, fermenting organic matter. As their name suggests, these pests can be commonly found in and around your fruit bowl. Fruit flies depending on the species do not just infest fruits; they may also breed in decaying organic matter, waste receptacles and in vegetable/fruit cans, soda cans or alcohol bottles.

Risks Associated With Fruit Flies

Do not take these fruit flies lightly, because they can still pose a problem to you and your family. This is because fruit flies, like other fly species, have the potential to carry and transmit disease causing pathogens. Though not dangerous or long lasting, when a contaminated piece of produce is ingested, it can cause gastric issues such as diarrhea.

How to Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

1.   Store ripe produce in the refrigerator or in a paper bag

As their name suggests, fruit flies are attracted to ripening  fruits (and other organic matter) that is easily available to them. These flies like to eat and lay their eggs inside the fruit, making it important to create a barrier between your produce and the fruit fly. It is important to store your ripe produce in the fridge or if you are storing food out in the open, utilize fruit fly proofed mesh bags or covers to ensure that there are not any access points for fruit flies.

2.   Close the lids on all garbage and waste containers

Garbage and other waste containers are a fruit fly’s paradise, as these areas are teeming with a cornucopia of different food sources. This is usually when a fruit fly infestation begins, it is important that you are keeping all waste containers sealed. This will cut off an additional resource that a fruit fly can utilize.

3.   Practice proper sanitation routines

This is another situation where cutting off a fruit fly’s food and breeding sources can go a long way in preventing an infestation. Everything from cleaning up spills and standing water to replacing dirty sponges, washcloths and sanitizing counters can provide you with the necessary defense against fruit flies.


In pantry areas with canned/bottled food, it can be important to check frequently for any damage or spoilage. Fruit flies in the pantry are often result of such damaged products including stored away vegetables such as potatoes and onions. These rotting vegetables provide for major breeding sources indoors.


4.   Degrease And Clean Drains And Sink Areas

Degreasing and cleaning your drains/sink areas can be an essential barrier to any fruit flies looking to build their colony. These spots can provide some fruit fly species with the ideal conditions to grow and eventually infest your home or business. Fruit flies like to lay their eggs in moist environments. Cleaning areas like your sink or drain, which are prone to moisture can curtail any potential spread of fruit flies.

5.   Rinse Any Food Or Drink Containers After Consumption

When throwing out your food or drink containers, it is important to remember that it can still be considered a food or breeding source for fruit flies. Rinsing any food containers or soda/drink cans ensures that the sugary elements that were previously leftover after consumption, is effectively removed from the containers. This will make your waste areas less attractive to fruit flies in the process.

We hope that you can utilize these tips to keep fruit flies in their place. Nevertheless, if you do have a problem with fruit flies and are too overwhelmed with daily life, do not be afraid to reach out. Our Orkin Canada technicians are knowledgeable and experienced about any size of fruit fly infestation you might be facing in your home or business. Contact us today for professional assistance.