Award-winning Training Programs

Our Orkin Canada Training Programs

Orkin Canada has invested millions of dollars to ensure our expert technicians receive the most comprehensive training in the pest control industry, and build the expertise and experience needed to truly eradicate your pest problem for good. We do this through intensive hands-on and online training from day one including:

  • All technicians complete an initial in-branch online training through our LMS
  • Training then continues with field instruction with a certified field trainer
  • Technicians as well are required to attend formal classroom training
  • Specialized training includes Washroom Care and Wildlife Control
  • Technicians learn good manufacturing practices for a variety of sectors
  • Training includes protocols for healthcare and food processing
  • Technicians also trained in regulatory requirements at all levels
  • Technicians specializing in food safety receive certified food plant training
  • Technicians are Quality Pro Certified
  • Orkin Canada provides continuing education through, workshops and on line training on our LMS

Orkin Canada technicians also benefit from the intensive training offered by our parent company, Rollins Inc at Rollins University and the Rollins Learning Centre.These state-of-the-art facilities include a mock hotel room, restaurant kitchen, hospital room, bar, food storage warehouse, food retail aisle, rooftop air ducts, and a myriad of other real world settings to enable our technicians to get hands-on pest control experience.

As well, Rollins Inc operates the internet-based Orkin Global Learning Network, which allows technicians to access virtual classrooms for live and on-demand interactive instruction, ensuring they can get continual, in-depth pest management training wherever they are.

Rollins Inc was recognized in 2019 as in past years by Training Magazine, the industry standard for professional development, naming Rollins a Top 125 company for quality, commitment and investment in training its people, including  Orkin Canada technicians.

Orkin Canada is also the proud holder of a Quality Pro Certification from the National Pest Management Association. This designation is a mark of excellence in pest control standards that go above and beyond what is required by provincial and federal regulations.