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quebec province image Ants can be serious pests in Longueuil. Some of the ants are very tiny while some are very large. Some ants are pests in homes and some are pests in commercial establishments. There are very tiny ants, called Pharaoh ants. Each ant is only about 1.5 to 2 mm long. These pests live in large colonies which have several queens and hundreds of workers. When pharaoh ants invade a business, they nest in warm areas, usually near a water source. They are common in kitchens of restaurants and laundry rooms of hotels. When pharaoh ants are threatened with insecticide or strong cleaning solution, the queens scatter. Each queen is accompanied by a group of workers, so each group is able to become a separate colony. Because of their habit of splitting into multiple colonies, pharaoh ants are serious pests in hospitals, food processing plants, and other commercial facilities. Carpenter ants are very large ants. Workers in a colony can range between 3.5 and 13 mm in length. These large ants forage at night and they often enter homes to find food and water. When carpenter ants find a food source, they often make a nest nearby. The nests are often in hidden areas of the home, like the eaves, the siding, or the attic. Carpenter ant workers excavate nesting sites in the lumber and other wood of the home. By the time homeowners discover these pests, they have often caused considerable damage.